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Thank you note from Tom ...Countdown to 40 begins!

This month my Career as a Realtor turns 39. Over all those days, months, years and decades, I really appreciate all the support & business my Clients, Friends and Family have given me.  I've been focused on providing you the best results and service in the Real Estate Industry and plan on continuing that for many more years. I'm really looking forward to next year because it will be a great milestone for me as it was for my Mom this year as she turned 100!

Client Acclaim

     "Tom's flyers have been left on our doorstep for many years.  We figured Tom was a hard worker. He is very positive, good communicator, intelligent and knows the business.  Tom always kept us up to date and the sale of our home was a breeze.  We loved Tom and would recommend him in a heartbeat"!     Joe & Nancy B

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Giving Back 

     Over the years, Tom has always given back to the Community in many different forms. In the 1990's, he started donating $100 (today's figure is $1000) after every closed sale to the Charity or Organization of his Client's Choice. Here are a few of those Charities & Organizations that have benefited: John Muir Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Make a Wish, Shepard's Gate, American Liver Association, Alzheimer's Association, Dan Marino Foundation, Children International, Meals on Wheels, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association.


Tom Montano
Tom Montano
Realtor Since 1978

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